Café Claudia Investment is an umbrella for all things professionally passionate.

It combines consulting assignments, investments in companies and writing, in a myriad of ways. Ultimately, it is the framework through which my intellectual and emotional capacity interacts with the market, creating what I hope to be lasting and elegant solutions to client needs.

The original Café Claudia was a coffee shop my father founded in central Stockholm in 1979 – six months after the birth of his first daughter. It was the place where I spent afternoons watching my father work to support his family, it is the place where I savored my favorite pastries. Café Claudia is where I eavesdropped on strangers’ conversations and rebuilt them into stories of my own.

My father always says: look for opportunities, everywhere. Use all of your capacity, knowledge and experience, but with fresh and fertile eyes. This is my endeavor, under a very familiar name, to support my family, to eat delicious pastries, and to take strangers’ experiences and turn them into beautiful stories.